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Social responsibility

Our social commitment centres on the Numeracy Foundation (“Stiftung Rechnen”), which was founded and initiated by comdirect. Established in 2009, the Foundation aims to promote numeracy in Germany under the motto “Get more out of life having fun with maths”. As a central point of contact, the Foundation networks promoters of mathematics and number skills from the worlds of science, business, politics and society and initiates projects that draw attention to numeracy and help give it a positive image. In 2012, these included the two numeracy competitions “Mathematik ohne Grenzen” (maths without borders) and “Mathe macht das Tor” (score a goal with maths), the “Mathe4Life” (Maths4Life) corporate volunteering project, the “Mathe.Forscher” (maths researchers) schools research project and the “Tüfteln und Knobeln” (maths puzzles and riddles) interactive maths exhibition.

comdirect views itself as a partner of the Numeracy Foundation. Accordingly, not only did comdirect bank – together with Börse Stuttgart AG – provide the basic assets for the Foundation, but it also supports expansion of the Foundation’s activities by having executive comdirect employees on the Management Board and Board of Trustees. comdirect also operates the office for the Foundation.

Making numbers fun

Staff from comdirect bank are involved in the “Mathe4Life” (maths for life) corporate volunteering project, and along with other partner companies, go into schools as mathematics speakers. By showing the students mathematical tasks from their day-to-day working lives, they create a better understanding of the importance of maths in professional life.

The Numeracy Foundation ran the “Mathe macht das Tor” (score a goal with maths) competition for the second time in 2012. The nationwide competition saw 34,000 school children in grades five to nine at all types of school take part. The winning team in each grade won a maths lesson and two sports lessons with a professional footballer. Since 2010, the Foundation has also been supporting the international “Mathematik ohne Grenzen” (maths without borders) competition for schools, which has been held annually for school students in grades nine to eleven for more than twenty years. A junior competition for fifth and sixth grade was launched in 2009. Around 56,000 school students in Germany took part in 2011/2012. The competition is organised on a voluntary basis by the heads of schools and teachers in the participating regions.

In the “Mathe.Forscher” (maths researchers) programme, children and young people work with their teachers to research mathematical phenomena in the world around them. In cross-curricular learning projects, the young researchers combine maths with history, art, sport and music. The project, which was launched in conjunction with the “Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung” (German Children and Youth Foundation), won an award from the ”Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative in 2012 for “making a lasting contribution to Germany’s future viability”. The Numeracy Foundation is also a partner and sponsor of the interactive exhibition ”Tüfteln und Knobeln” (maths puzzles and riddles), which is touring shopping centres operated by ECE Projektmanagement throughout Germany and Europe until 2015. The exhibition was designed by the Mathematikum in Gießen, in conjunction with the Phänomenta in Flensburg.