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Share price performance, trading volume, shareholder structure

comdirect shares closed 2012 with a modest price rise of 5.5% to €7.89. The shares reached their high for the year at €8.86 on 28 March 2012 following publication of the result for 2011. The price slide that started in May and reached a low of €6.81 on 6 June 2012 reflects the ex-dividend markdown as well as the general development of the market among other factors. From the middle of the year onwards, the share price recorded gains once more and benefited from the renewed price surge on the stock markets.

Following the annual general meeting on 9 May 2012, comdirect paid a dividend of €0.56 per share, a third more than in the previous year. Taking the dividend payment into account, the shareholders received a total shareholder return of 13.0% compared with 9.7% in the previous year. This total shareholder return means that comdirect did not quite equal the performance of the SDAX (18.7%) and the DAXsector Financial Services Performance Index (27.5%). However, viewed over a three-year and five-year period, the bank outperformed its benchmark indices.

As of 31 December 2012, Commerzbank AG indirectly held 81.13% of the shares. As a result, 18.87% of the shares were in free float. The closing price at year-end 2012 produces a market capitalisation of €1,114.2m, of which €210.3m was attributable to free float. On average, around 41 thousand units were traded a day, down 43.7% on the previous year (73 thousand). Of this trading volume, 84% was traded on XETRA and 9% on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

Development of share price of comdirect share 30.12.2011 to 28.12.2012