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Development in the number of employees

At the end of 2012, 1,176 staff were employed in the comdirect group, a slight rise on the previous year (1,148 employees). In the B2C business line, the number increased to 945 (end 2011: 926 employees). We recruited staff in IT in particular in order to guarantee the implementation of newly developed products and services. The number of employees also rose marginally in the B2B business line to 231 (end 2011: 222 employees). Here too, the new staff were primarily IT specialists.

Number of employees of comdirect group as of 31.12.

We stepped up our activities in personnel marketing in the reporting year. The overriding objective is to permanently position comdirect as an attractive employer and ensure that the jobs we advertise attract qualified candidates.

Social media are one of the channels used by comdirect bank to target talented individuals and position the bank as an attractive employer. A career page was therefore launched on Facebook in the first half of 2012 and the response is already pleasing. Activity on Twitter and Xing was also intensified. Furthermore, comdirect attended jobs fairs and held events for prospective candidates at its offices in Quickborn.

A particular focus was on addressing school students, university students and graduates. Once again comdirect took part in the Hamburg Company Tour and gave economics students a chance to look behind the scenes at the bank. Information was provided to forthcoming school leavers and IT college students at the IT Talent Day. Another highlight is the cooperation with the Münster University of Applied Sciences and the IT faculty at the University of Hamburg.