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Future strategic alignment

With its broad-based strategic position in online securities business and online banking, supplemented by its B2B business, the comdirect group has a robust business model. This will continue to represent the basis for growth and a sustainable increase in value in the future.

comdirect bank will exploit the unbroken trend towards web-based banking and securities transactions by further expanding its product range in brokerage and banking. At the same time, the bank aims to extend its promising position in web-based advisory models. Product-related initiatives are accompanied by measures to increase awareness of the brand. As a full-service and main bank for modern investors, comdirect bank intends to increase its market share in banking.

ebase will also leverage its good position in the market. Its specific expertise in white label products is expected to continue to be a key growth driver in the existing target customer segments. As a leading B2B bank, ebase additionally aims to cultivate the non-financials and near-financials segment.