Website remains main source of information

In addition to convenient ways to access the website, the quality of the content is a decisive factor. Most customers continue to visit the traditional website for information on specific products in particular. Short and easy to understand texts, simple navigation and explanatory videos guide the customer safely through the product universe. “Investors can immediately see the benefits that a product offers them,” comments Helge Fobbe. “As a direct bank, we believe it is very important to provide transparent information on money and finance, and a convincing website is an integral part of this.”

But it’s not just the technical access to comdirect that’s easy. Customers carrying out transfers and trading securities anytime, anywhere, need a Customer Services department that's just as flexible as they are. For many customers, it’s normal to be able to reach comdirect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “We often get calls between two and six in the morning,” reports Head of Customer Services Henning Ratjen. Alternatively, customers can also opt to have the bank call them at a time of their choosing. comdirect introduced the call-back button for this on its website in 2012. In addition to conventional customer support by telephone, comdirect customers can now also ask their questions via Facebook or Twitter, and are guaranteed a swift response. According to a survey by the Web Excellence Forum (WebXF), after just a few months of using social media, comdirect is already one of the most active and fast-responding companies.

Best Customer Services gets even better

The social platforms also serve as a feedback tool. Whether it’s the new website navigation or the revised CFD platform, many customers report on their experiences and make suggestions for improvements. In addition, we regularly ask our callers if they are happy with our service and evaluate the information on a systematic basis. “The fact that we were named the best (€uro) and most popular (n-tv) bank in 2012, is due above all to the good scores achieved by our Customer Services,” explains Ratjen. This is also reflected in the customer loyalty survey, which showed that 93% of customers who had contacted a Customer Services adviser over the last year were happy with the service.

However, there is still further potential for breaking down barriers. For instance, Customer Services advisers could provide customers with more personalised assistance for problems or questions in the future by viewing the corresponding screen content together with the customer via an online connection. Complex issues such as questions on securities settlement could be clarified quickly and technical problems rectified immediately. “Co-browsing”, as it is called, is already used in our building finance advice service to jointly search for the best offering and is very popular with customers.

In great demand: comdirect apps

The new mobile app includes many of the functions also available via the website. Customers can carry out banking transactions, manage model portfolios and trade securities via various stock exchanges or in LiveTrading. Trades take a matter of seconds, and other functions include risk limitation – for example by setting up a stop limit that adjusts in line with the current movement in the price. Comprehensive market data can also be called up via the mobile Informer and users can customise its home page.

The apps offer genuine additional features for mobile banking: the ATM search function, for instance, quickly and reliably finds ATMs in the Cash Group which comdirect customers can use to withdraw cash free of charge. In addition, the banking app for iPhone and iPad enables customers to conveniently photograph the transfer data from money transfer slips. Another practical tool is the integrated budgeting book which automatically allocates transactions and spending to categories defined by the customer. This allows mobile banking customers to keep an eye on their finances at all times.