For beginners and advanced traders

To make investing in securities easier for customers who have no trading experience, and to break down prejudices, comdirect attaches great importance to providing information that is transparent and comprehensible. Current market data for all asset classes can be called up via the comdirect Informer, which has made comdirect’s website one of the most frequently visited financial websites in Germany. Products and tools are clearly explained in video tutorials that are also easy for novices to understand. Investors can use the model portfolio to test out various investment strategies and experiment with new securities. Moreover, as an exclusive offering for customers, comdirect organises free seminars and webinars with stock market professionals who pass on their tips and tricks to traders and investors. The response in some cases has been overwhelming, and the biggest trading webinar to date was followed in autumn 2012 by around 3,000 participants. A special kind of community.

comdirect also supports securities buyers with attractive terms and conditions as part of the ETF offensive and flat-fee campaign in OTC trading, where lower order fees are charged for selected securities. ETFs, in particular, are becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective investment with broad risk diversification, and one in two fund-based savings plans is now based on ETFs. Since these are appropriate for longterm asset accumulation, comdirect also offers ETFs in combination with a securities savings plan – without any order fees. Three investment proposals, for conservative, balanced and opportunity-oriented investors, guide buyers in their selection. comdirect makes choosing a traditional fund easier with its “FondsDiamanten” offering of 20 quality-checked funds which too are available with no front-end load.

More securities with comdirect

Accumulating assets and making appropriate provision for old age is scarcely possible without equities, bonds and commodities. Those who leave their assets unprotected from inflation will lose purchasing power over time rather than build up savings. In times when investors are receiving comparatively low interest rates on call money and fixed-term deposits, the need for alternatives is particularly great. This is why comdirect is making it especially easy for its customers to choose securities. And 6% of comdirect customers who do not have a custody account are planning to open one within the next twelve months.

comdirect will also invest in this trend in the future and expand its information offering in particular. In addition, there are plans to further develop the investment proposals, so that in future even more bank customers can see that securities are a useful strategy to combat a loss in value.

Better overview: CFD chart tool

The chart tool is the most important instrument offered by the CFD platform. The chart information is continually updated, enabling traders to retain an overview across a number of positions. Five different types of display for price performance and 23 customisable indicators assist traders in swiftly identifying market opportunities. Positions can be opened or closed within seconds by simply clicking into the chart.

And it’s just as easy for traders to specify the price at which they want to sell the CFD by setting the corresponding lines (stop loss or take profit) in the chart. The caps and floors can also be moved flexibly within the chart after setting the lines. If the price of the CFD reaches one of these lines, the position is automatically closed. All of the tool functions are explained on the CFD platform at http://cfd.comdirect.de/.