High-performance offering, likeable image

The spot is being broadcast as a 20 and 13 second ad on major channels, and is flanked by online banners as well as printed advertisements in general interest magazines. The campaign demonstrates a clear performance promise in terms of the current account and mobile banking, and moreover, positions comdirect as a modern and smart bank that understands its customers and adapts to their needs.

The campaign therefore epitomises comdirect’s marketing goals. On the one hand, comdirect aims to convince customers with good products and services and in this way retain the loyalty of even more customers. On the other, the campaign strengthens the likeability of, and identification with, the brand. Both are important for comdirect. It’s true that 88% of Germans only make financial decisions after careful consideration, and many compare terms and conditions, read test reports and consult with friends and family. But ultimately, it’s their gut instinct that’s the deciding factor, as comdirect’s “Customer Motives” survey reveals. In addition to reliability, security and value for money, likeability is therefore critical to success.

Social media and webinars strengthen customer loyalty

However, comdirect does not just want to inspire new customers, but also seeks to encourage existing customers to use additional products and services. The website, customer magazine, newsletter and mailings, in particular, play a role here. comdirect is also increasingly using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to engage directly with customers.

This direct dialogue is especially important when it comes to the trading community. comdirect therefore not only uses social media to cultivate this group, but also utilises modern formats such as webinars, where trading expertise is shared first hand. And even though around 90% of new customers are gained through the current account, with its activities for CFD trading comdirect has also stepped up its classic marketing for brokerage.

In future, to make even more customers aware of the brand and performance advantages we offer, comdirect will intensify its marketing over the next few years, in parallel to its investments in the best products and best customer service. Our aim going forward remains to deliver on our value proposition in full, and ensure the long-term satisfaction of our customers.

Customers attract customers: recommendations pay off

Friendships are rewarding – including at comdirect. In two “Customers attract customers” campaigns in 2012, our customers gained more friends than ever before. 85% of these new customers opened a current account with satisfaction guarantee that also convinced users over the past year with its Visa card featuring additional new functions.

While the autumn campaign with postcard (see above) promoted recommendations with a double bonus, the summer campaign was based on a tiered reward system: €50 for the first customer, €150 for the second and €250 for the third. During the six-week promotion, any customer who persuaded three friends, acquaintances or family members to open a comdirect account or custody account, which they then also used, received the coveted top prize. And, 30% of existing comdirect customers who took part were able to gain at least two new customers.