Advice via video-telephony builds trust

To create even greater closeness between advisers and customers, in future comdirect’s advice via video-telephony will not only allow customers to take a virtual look on the adviser’s screen, but also to see their adviser. The results from the trials are very promising: “The customers are very taken with our technical solution every time and it’s seen as a real innovation,” reports one of the advisers in the trial. “When the customers switch on their webcam as well, the conversations become even more detailed and in-depth,” adds another. Consequently, advice via video-telephony is to be rolled out nationwide in the middle of the year and will even be available via iPhone and iPad. For customers in Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt/Main and Berlin, comdirect will nevertheless continue to offer the advice service in its local building finance offices.

And a system that works so well in building finance could in future be used for investment and provisioning advice as well – so far only available by telephone. Customers Services too has registered an interest, since what could better complement friendly and expert support than a personal meeting?

Making better financial decisions independently

In addition to innovative technologies that bring experts and customer advisers into customers’ homes at the click of a mouse, comdirect offers a self-explanatory range of products and services online and information on the go. Using video tutorials that clearly explain the products available, lessexperienced customers can also use the direct bank offering independently. There are already videos on how to use the apps, on various order functions and analysis tools in securities trading, on building finance and investment advice, as well as on opening an account. These too have been well received by customers and 96% find the content on comdirect’s website easy to understand. To convince the remaining 4% as well, comdirect will expand its information offering. After all, understanding the products is the first step towards making better financial decisions.

Now with video as well: online live advice service

Our proven online live advice service is now even more personal. Not only can customers see the different interest rates available for their financing enquiry from more than 250 providers on the adviser’s screen during their consultation, they can also watch their adviser at work via video.

Using the webcam, the adviser explains which financing partners are suitable for the property project in question and which parameters can be changed to obtain better terms and conditions. Together with the adviser, customers can compare the best offerings and test the different variants. This immediately shows the effect that any changes – in the term or repayment rate for example – have on the interest rates.

Unlike the online live advice service, the new videotelephony version not only offers absolute transparency with regard to terms and conditions, but also immediately creates a personal closeness that was previously only possible in a branch. This opens up completely new opportunities for direct banking advice: when customers can put a face to the adviser, and vice versa, the quality of advice in particular is enhanced.

The “virtual look over the shoulder” is very easy and simple to establish and the only technical requirements are an internet connection and up-to-date browser. Customers receive a link which they then use to log in during the telephone call.