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20 Income taxes

Current income tax assets and liabilities are calculated in accordance with tax provisions by applying the current valid tax rates at which a refund from or a payment to the relevant tax authorities is expected. Deferred tax assets and liabilities are formed for differences arising between the IFRS book values of assets or liabilities and their tax value, provided that future tax reducing or tax burdening effects are expected to result from this (temporary differences) and no prohibition on recognition is in place. The valuation of deferred taxes is based on income tax rates already enacted as at 31 December 2012 and applicable in the event of realisation of the temporary differences. Deferred income tax assets from tax-reducing temporary differences are shown in the balance sheet only to the extent that it is probable that the same taxable entity will generate tax results in the foreseeable future with respect to the same fiscal authority. Income tax assets and liabilities are formed and carried such that – depending on the treatment of the underlying item – they are recognised either under “taxes on income” in the income statement or they are set off against the relevant equity items with no effect on the income statement.

Current and deferred income tax assets and liabilities are netted against one another where they exist towards the same tax authority and the right of set-off can actually be enforced vis à vis the tax authority.